ÖFK och Puls8 gör ett gemensamt uttalande

We wish to clarify the current situation at ÖFK following press and social media comments on Friday and Saturday.

Despite the reports, we stress that we do have an ongoing understanding with Puls8 to source investment for ÖFK. 

A Puls8 director had correctly denied to a journalist that a binding agreement to provide direct funds was in force. 

He did so because we are working under a strictly confidential understanding with Puls8, subject to terms of non-disclosure.

Publicity could damage ongoing negotiations between Puls8 and financiers. 

Inaccurate details had been leaked to the media without the permission of the club or Puls8.

Puls8 regrets that the comments confused fans and caused the integrity of the club to be questioned. 

Lennart Ivarsson, vd ÖFK

Jonathan Lassman, Director Puls8

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