ÖFK:s utländska partner kommenterar sin satsning i ÖFK

Östersunds FK kan härmed bekräfta vi har fört samtal med en mängd olika företag för att få till ett samarbete, vi har bland annat haft förhandlingar med ett Europeiskt tillverkningsföretag om ett långsiktigt samarbete. Nedan har den partner, som har sagt sig vilja investera 15 miljoner kronor i ÖFK, skrivit en kommentar för publicering.

”We as an investor is involved in delicate international business negotiations and at this stage remains anonymous but has released this statement:”

“When we were made aware of the club’s financial problems we were able to prepare a rescue package and an ambitious plan for future development.

“We know the importance of Ostersunds FK to the town, region and country. Members of our board watched and enjoyed their victory at Arsenal in Europe.  The club has enormous potential. It’s a sleeping football giant and we hope to encourage its growth.

“We must remain anonymous at this stage and while we appreciate the frustration this causes to the media and the supporters, it is not in our interests at the moment to go public. That will happen if and when we are able to reveal more of our plans and our business negotiations are satisfactorily concluded.”

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